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Seaside Inside January 25, 2024

Volume 2: Issue 1

Working for Seaside

Since the last newsletter, the holiday season and New Year's have passed. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. It's time to return to work for Seaside and make 2024 an even more productive year.

A big thank you to all my family and friends who attended the first annual Holiday Happy Hour at Gusto's on Fremont St. I'm proud to say that every council member from Seaside attended, along with council members from Marina, Pacific Grove, and Carmel. We also had school board members and other elected officials in attendance. Having an event in Seaside for the holidays was beautiful, and we got to socialize together. I hope you'll consider attending the second annual one next December.

Statement on the Gaza War

Over the past few months, many community members approached the city council, asking us to adopt a resolution regarding the Gaza war. Our community members were passionate and well-spoken and clearly articulated the desire for our city to make a statement. First, please know that I support an end to the war and an immediate cease-fire worldwide.

Other cities have passed resolutions that included acknowledging the people suffering in the Middle East, affirming the shared humanity for peace, collaborative efforts supporting dialogue among all parties, and encouraging communities to develop and participate in activities that foster tolerance, empathy, education, and understanding among all backgrounds and religious faiths. I support all these ideals and will work towards these principles in my decisions as a city council member.

In Seaside, putting an item on the agenda is a lengthy process. A council member needs three votes out of five to place an item on the agenda for it to be discussed at the next meeting. Given that I have been unsuccessful many times, I doubt this council will agree to discuss this topic.

Update on Projects

Many of you have seen the erection of construction fences for the Ascent project. This is a big win for our city because it brings in much-needed housing and is a significant start to the transformation of Upper Broadway.

As you might know, the city plans to completely redo the roadway, including several roundabouts, creating a better-designed road. I have been advocating for Seaside to get money from AMBAG to help fund the street project.

When I was a commissioner for the city, we worked on several big projects, including the basketball court at Sonoma and Contra Costa Street. One thing I found compelling was placing the item on the agenda for every meeting. It was important because the topic was discussed incrementally, and the project didn't fall by the wayside.

I suggest we place our projects on every other agenda to keep the public current. For example, the Campus Town project should be on the agenda every month until it is finalized. This will help push projects along and support the city in finishing the projects we start.

Five-Star Service this Month goes to the Office of the City Clerk

The City Clerk, Dominique Davis, and her staff member, Marcella Ramos, have earned five stars for their dedication to the city. The clerk's Office is always willing to help and address issues immediately. The Office runs city elections, prepares and publishes meeting agendas and minutes, posts legal notices, responds to requests for public information, and arranges to have delicious food for events sponsored by the city council. The Office of the City Clerk members work tirelessly to keep Seaside running efficiently and thus deserve five stars.

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