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Seaside Inside August 22, 2023

Volume 1 Issue 8

Working for Seaside

Welcome to my August newsletter. It's hard to believe, but summer is almost over. The kids are in school, and organized sports will start soon. This month, I did the following activities: 1. Blues in the Park at Laguna Grande Park; 2. National Night Out, 3. Ambag monthly meeting, 4. Community Human Services meeting, 5. Car Week in Seaside- Concours D' Lemons, Concorso Italiano, and the Exotics on Broadway.

What A Summer!!

A critical part of life is to be able to look forward and plan for the future. Equally important is looking back and feeling good about what we have accomplished. Let's take a little trip down Seaside's memory lane.

We started the summer by partnering with the Monterey Bay Football Club. The football Club's flag was raised over City Hall, and the building will be lit in the team's colors when they win a game. We provided complimentary tickets to one match for our first responders.

Many felt they had died and gone to heaven when they sat on the grass at Laguna Grande Park. They listened to those five outstanding jazz concerts on the Sundays in July and the first Sunday in August. Can anything be better than jazz, the delightful weather, and a picnic lunch?

The recreation department provided a dazzling array of non-conventional activities, from seniors dancing the hula to a cowboy dance. Red, White and Blues was a Fourth of July celebration at City Hall featuring Coco Montoya. There was also the community flea market, the summer youth program, and 'National Night Out," an event designed to improve police and community relationships. And don't forget every Thursday. We have our Farmer's Market.

The summer ended too early because our students returned to school. However, the grand finale happened last weekend with three automobile-themed activities. Our first event was the Concours D' Lemons at City Hall, an exhibit of less-than-perfect cars. Who can forget the “Ribbon of Dishonor.” The event was fun, and thousands were in front of city hall. Our second big event was the Concorso Italiano at the golf course. The display of Italian cars was a true treat. The weather was perfect, and car enthusiasts came for this event. Our Exotics on Broadway in downtown Seaside was the big hit. We blocked off Lower Broadway and a section of Fremont for the event. It drew a large crowd, and there were many amazing cars to see.

The cars in the first event were in my price range. However, since Seaside council members make $400 a month for me to purchase one of the cars at the last two events, I would have to be on the council for 1,272 years. I’m almost there.

It is so important that we appreciate and celebrate the good parts of living in Seaside.


BJ Dolan Youth Education and Resource Center Resource Center

1136 Wheeler Street, Seaside 831-899-6871 (Main Line)

Education Center 831-899-6870 (Spanish)

831-899-6820 Hours:

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 - 6 pm

Monday-Thursday, 2 - 7:30 pm

Friday, 2 - 9 pm

Saturday, 10 - 6 pm


Making Sure School is a Good Experience

The beginning of the school year means changes for most families. Our preteens and teens want to hang out with their friends, and in many families, this creates friction as the need to be with friends conflicts with family obligations.

The city of Seaside realizes this problem and sponsors the B.J. Dolan Youth and Education Teen Center, where teens have a safe, fun, and free place to hang out after school. In addition to providing movie nights, music lessons, dances, and activities for teens, the center has a referral service that brings community partners in for prevention and support programs. The center also offers opportunities for volunteer and community service within the community.

The Youth Violence Prevention Program aims to serve youth and their families trying to make meaningful choices or life changes through referral services and programs that reach all levels of prevention, intervention, and re-entry.

It's a good idea to learn about the center and use it to prevent problems as well as an intervention center.

Five Star Service this month goes to Everyone's Harvest Seaside

The Farmers market staff earned a 5-star review this month. Hester Parker, the Executive Director, has created a remarkable space on Thursdays from 3–7 p.m. at Laguna Grande Park. Not only can you purchase produce, but there are also over 15 food trucks with various styles of food. Indeed, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the market. The market has only been in operation since June 15 and comments have been overwhelmingly positive.

If you haven't been to the market yet this year, I strongly encourage you to visit. With the residents' support, the market can flourish. Come on down!

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