“California is a place of invention, a place of courage, a place of vision, a place of the future. People who made California what it is were willing to take risks, think outside convention and build.” – Nicolas Berggruen






As a member of the Seaside City Council, I will become part of the group that has worked to create a solid vision of our city.  In addition to supporting the many worthwhile projects currently being considered, I would like to present my vision for the future.

Working to Keep the Community Safe
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The newest addition to the police force--electric cars

Our police force must continue to use community policing and develop strong relationships with the neighborhood watch associations. Residents and the police must work together so that the needed resources can be directed to targeted neighborhoods to reduce crime, reduce drug dealing, stop reckless driving, deal with fireworks, tow away abandoned cars, and enforce parking regulations.

Working to Complete the Vision for a Better Seaside
My Short-term Vision

In the short term, the city council must continue to build its vision for the downtown so that it becomes a destination for families. The city needs to create a downtown commission responsible for providing events like First Fridays, concerts, holiday activities, and other things that will bring tourists to our city.

My long-term Vision















 The Monterey Jazz Festival, the Salinas Rodeo, the Carmel Bach Festival, and The Pebble Beach golf tournaments are all examples of destination activities on the Monterey Peninsula. When these events occur, hotels, restaurants, and local businesses thrive. People from all over the country are in attendance. The communities of Seaside, Del Rey Oaks, Sand City, and Marina have local fairs and commercial establishments that draw people, but there isn't an event or venue that

attracts people from outside of the region.

At the top of Obama Avenue on Fort Ord is a vacant property giving us the land to construct The Seaside Amphitheater and Cultural Center which reflects on the diverse population that lives here. I propose that we construct a building consisting of several classrooms, a multipurpose room that will hold  300 people, and below the building a 2,000-seat amphitheater facing the bay.

Gardens would surround the facility, and there would be cultural activities, such as folk dancing, and cooking classes. Multicultural events in the theater and the multipurpose room would be held year-round. Concerts in the evening during the spring and summer would feature big names in the entertainment industry. A wide range of seating would be available including Inexpensive seats on the grass surrounding the amphitheater.

Benefits of Having The Seaside Amphitheater and Cultural Center
Seaside will become a destination as people come from various places to attend concerts and other types of events.

Prominent artists will perform in the theater and amphitheater.

Many of the events will be culturally oriented.

Cultural groups will offer classes such as folk dancing and crafts.

Local hotels, restaurants, and businesses will see increased income.

People will be hired to manage the events.

This will become a venue for weddings and quinceañeras.

New sources of revenue for local businesses will become available.

The conditions will be ideal for a regional theater company.

Space will be available for a children's theater program.

The Seaside Amphitheater and Cultural Center will be a source of pride. 

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 Working with City Agencies to Make
Them More Responsive to the Public




The purpose of government is to serve the people; this concept needs to be the focus of every agency

in the city. Emails and phone calls should be answered within 48 hours.

Our planning commission must examine ways to Increase disability access and review the layout of our

streets to improve traffic flow.

We need to be sure our roads are in good shape. There needs to be a moratorium on cannabis

businesses, and we must increase our efforts to help the homeless and create more affordable housing.

The city should consider partnering with companies to provide better Internet and work with PG&E to

bury power lines.

Working to Implement my Vision

1. Meet regularly with the chief of police to stress the importance of neighborhood watch.

2. Attend neighborhood watch meetings when possible.

3. Ask the police department to make periodic presentations to the council about their efforts.

4. Work to increase the police budget to fund the neighborhood watch and community outreach programs.

5. Advocate to establish a commission to improve the downtown area.

6. Work with the county/state and stakeholders to establish the Seaside Multicultural Center.

7. Encourage city agencies to work with the strip mall and motel owners to improve their properties.

8. Support the city council in completing the projects that have already been approved, i.e., Campus Town, Ascent, and Main Gate.

9. Establish the "Respond within 48 hours" policy, so no messages get ignored, and encourage other council members to do the same.

10. Frequently ask department heads about their response times and how we can improve responding to our residents.

​11. Attend the homeless commission meetings when possible.

12. Explore options for tiny homes on Ft. Ord.

13. Explore options for where the homeless can go and ways to provide services to those areas.

14. Advocate for federal, state, and county funds to address Seaside's homeless issue.

15. Support efforts to hire additional parking officers.

16. Support regularly scheduled street cleaning where possible. Thus, non-operatable vehicles must be


17. Explore options regarding a city-wide parking pass program.

18. Vote No on any new cannabis dispensaries.

19. Propose an amendment to the city code to forbid additional cannabis permits.

20. Advocate for a policy that all new construction be serviced by underground utilities.

21. Work to have the city partner with companies that can provide better Internet.

22. Encourage the Planning Commission to examine traffic flow and ways to increase access for people

with disabilities.

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